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The BMW i8 is more than a futuristic sports car.It is an entirely new concept of sports car.More efficient, more sustainable, yet with no compromise on dynamics.No concession, just the optimum combination of driving pleasure and efficiency.The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid that brings together the advantages of innovative electric motor and combustion engine technologies.The BMW i8 is already an icon and combines the sum of all BMW brand values.It is the innovative statement of tomorrow’s mobility and a crowd-puller with a magnetic appeal.

The challenge we faced was to come up with a way of presenting the i8 that was every bit as innovative as the vehicle itself.


The goals of the campaign were to position BMW as a forward-thinking carmaker in the vanguard in terms of sustainability, to increase the brand’s appeal and to showcase the BMW i8 to a larger audience.Google Glass, as one of the most advanced communications technologies, leads the way in the digital era.In precisely the same way that the BMW i8 is emblematic of the age of electric mobility.We brought together these two pioneers to develop a visually controlled, interactive Google Glass app that enables the innovative technology of the i8 to be experienced first-hand using augmented reality.


We placed the BMW i8 in three of Germany’s busiest airports and at the celebration to mark the first BMW i8 deliveries at BMW Welt. This meant that for several weeks the public had the opportunity to experience the BMW i8 in a completely unique way.

With the help of Google Glass we enabled people to see beyond the vehicle’s outer skin and experience the BMW i8’s array of groundbreaking technologies up close. Wearing Google Glass, the viewer could the explore the BMW i8’s innovative features in 3D at several defined “touch points.”

In addition, further content was presented via short videos and text overlays. In this way, the viewer could experience features including the vehicle’s smart carbon-fibre construction, laser headlights, astonishingly efficient eDrive technology and its interior design and unique aerodynamics. In a 360° view, all controlled with the head. The programming of the Google Glass App was so smart that it recognised and presented the respective product feature as soon as the viewer looked at the vehicle from the correct angle of vision.


  • Around 60,000 visitors to the three vehicles displayed in the airports
  • Around 3,000 users enjoyed the BMW i8 innovation experience
  • Around 1,000 consultations on the vehicle
  • The Google Glass experience was also digitally extended (YouTube, BMW TV etc.)




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