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In 2012, Heineken was one of seven main sponsors of the UEFA Champions League. In Germany, Heineken needed to hold its ground in a beer market which is largely dominated by national brands. In addition, Heineken had hardly been visible yet as a UCL sponsor. The task was to bring about a major change where that was concerned! 

The idea
No other sport in Germany is as highly charged with emotion as football. The Champions League final in Munich on 19 May 2012 therefore offered the ideal stage for Heineken to “make it big” right then and there: We made full use of the big football event as a vehicle for the Heineken brand, to position it for the long term with the male target group and to emotionally charge the brand. All of Munich was turned into a brand message of unprecedented proportions and fully clad in “Heineken green”!

The entire city of Munich turned “Heineken”. Starting at the airport, arriving fans were welcomed by numerous advertising panels and special brand presentations, such as the novel Meta Twist Tower. The messages delivered through a variety of media were all geared towards the Champions League final and carried pure emotion. Wherever they went, inhabitants and visitors to Munich alike were accompanied by a broad presence of classical out-of-home media, particularly at the hot spots and main streets. Large-scale billboards throughout the city centre, the covering of the Ludwigspalais as well as a 180 m² skyboard at the Allianz Arena football stadium served as additional eye-catchers. Wherever fixed installations were impossible, mobile media and projections ensured the Heineken presence. One particular highlight was the “Wall of Heineken” at a fan festival: Fans had the opportunity to create individual messages by sticking beer bottle patterns onto a wall of crates. Images of the best messages were posted on Facebook. The campaign was further promoted through a media network of TV, the internet and social media.




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